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Samples from the graphics were designed for ResExcellence web site.
Section Logo, Add-Banners, Icons and other images.

"After working with Ilona on ResExcellence, I have come to realize that she is a person who takes great pride in her work and diligently toils away until you are completely satisfied. In fact, I am certain you will be satisfied with her creations before she is. What this means is that you always get her best, and if there is any question as to how high her standards are, just view the creations on her web site."

Michael Coyle from ResExcellence

ResExcellence is a site that teaches tips and trick using Apple's great resource program, ResEdit. The site also demonstrates simple AppleScripts to make our computer use easier. And much more...

I wanted to keep the same principles as the main logo, which was designed by Michael. There was nothing more natural than to follow the familiar Mac icons (some found in ResEdit), spicing up the section titles. As the ideas started to flaw, new section logo started to appear all over the ResExcellence pages.

ResExcellence also welcomes user contributions. Two of these were under my care for a year: the Icon Archive and the Desktop Archive. The icons are nicely tacked in the above shown preview folder template.

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