The usual questions are: How to change the icons? What application do you use to make icons? I will talk about some useful icon related programs and some advice about making icons on the
next page, but first, here is my Quick Help on the first question, how to change the icons.

There are two easy ways to change icons. One is the simple "Get Info, copy-past" method, the other is the ResEdit way. If you follow the instruction below, you'll be OK! Since the latest OS are somewhat different, according to the locations and resource numbers of some system icons, you might need to check the enlarged edition of this
Quick Help at ResExcellence, where you also get visual help with some of the instruction.

There are also some programs which can help you change the trash icons like Dumpster!
If you are an iconist, you can make your trash icons "ready to use" by using Hide's
There is a new system-icon customization utility called
iControl. It lets you change the system icons, the trash icons or any other icons. If you like to see how it works, visit Iconfactory, they even have a movie for you to see before buying!

How to change the icons?
The "Get Info" way!

1. Select the icon you would like to use
2. Select File Menu - "Get Info"
3. Click on the icon in the "Get Info" window
4. Select Edit Menu - "Copy"
5. Close the "Get Info" window

6. Select the folder or file you want to apply the icon
7. Select File Menu - "Get Info"
8. Click on the icon in the "Get Info" window
9. Select Edit Menu - "Paste" - That's it!

Important: This method will not work on the Trash icons! To change the Trash and System icons, use the instruction below!

Note: In OS 8.5 and above the operating system handles the icons differently when the "Get Info" method is used. It only paste the 32 bit information of the icons which means that you will not see the icons if pasted to a removable media and moved to an older version of OS.


How to change the icons?
The ResEdit way!

When ResEdit file is provided by the author, it's fairly easy to change the System Icons with ResEdit.

Important! First make a copy of your "System"(located in the "System Folder")!

Open the "System copy" with ResEdit and open the ResEdit file of that icon you like to use - we call this now "New System Icons".

1. Click on the first resource in the "New System Icons", go to Edit Menu - "Copy".
2. Click on the "System copy" window, go to Edit Menu - "Paste".
When ResEdit asks you: "Replace resources with the same ID?" Click: Yes

Repeat the #1 and #2 until you "copied-pasted" all the resources.

When you finished, close the windows.
When ResEdit asks you: "Save "System copy" before closing?" Click: Yes

Now, you have the original "System" and a "System copy" in your "System Folder".

Create a new folder and name it "OLD SYSTEM". Put your original "System" in the "OLD SYSTEM" folder. Rename the "System copy" to "System". Restart your computer! - That's it!

Do not trash your original "System"!!! If something goes wrong during the changing process, you like to have a backup of a working System file! Also, you might like to keep it for future use... In any case, you don't want to trash it!

In case, you like to have this Quick Help handy, you can also download it!

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